10 Tips for the Day & Night Before Your Wedding!

Tip 1 Drink LOTS of water! Lots the day before and lots the day of your wedding. With all that adrenalin your system your body will dehydrate more easily than usual! If you find that you are worried too much about bloating and weeing!! Make sure that you really get all the water the day before.

Tip 2 Don't eat salty food! Salt encourages the retention of the lots of water that I have encouraged you to drink!! Eat Clean and Healthy.

Tip 3 Organise! Place anything you need for your wedding day into the car or someone else's car so that your racing mind isn't focusing on what to remember to bring on the big day! or text me, your wedding planner and I'll tell you its already taken care of!

Tip 4 Spoil Yourself! Have a mani/pedi or massage or read a book on the couch or go for a surf or swim or do some yoga. Be kind to yourself.

Tip 5 Don't bake in the sun! Sunburn will make for an uncomfortable sleep and dry, red skin!

Tip 6 Details Details Details! Is there someone to meet your vendors and organise what is needed to be done. Confirm the times and let the rest unfold. If something unexpected pops up then ask your friends or family for help. People love to help! Or you know, employ me and I'll do it all and more! An on the day wedding coordinator is the best wedding gift you will ever give to yourself!

Tip 7 Laugh! Watch something funny on TV or have a laugh with your Bride Tribe while going for a walk... eat a nice dinner in or out. A good belly laugh will release endorphins and release tension and make you feel great!

Tip 8 Accept! Accept that tomorrow will be what it is and everything is part of your journey as a couple. You have so many more days together and the BIG DAY will be full of lovely, friends, family and happiness. So don't stress the small stuff. If everything doesn't go completely to plan - it will still be wonderful!

Tip 9 Your Survival Kit! Check your survival kit or trust that your trusty planner has one! Panadol, Band-Aids, deodorant, a change of shoes, hair brush, breath mints and a small sewing kit. Just in case!

Tip 10 SLEEP! More is more.l Turn your phone on silent and enjoy that beauty sleep. Definitely take some melatonin or a herbal sleeping tablet if you're finding it hard to nod off. Tomorrow will come soon enough and you're ready!

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Image credit: Bec & Patty's wedding! 22 April 2021 Venue: Sea Eagle Point, Pacific Palms Photographer: Little Black Bow Photography Videographer: More Life Films

Celebrant: Libby Cornish Florals: Bay Leaf Florals and Styling Make Up: Chic Artistry Music: Croq

Catering: Plunge Catering, Forster

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